For horror genre lovers, there is a good revelation coming your way. Get ready to get thrilled with the stimulating movie Smiley set to be released October 12, 2012. From the name, it coveys that the movie is something related to a comedy flick that can bring smiles on faces and concerns some sweet and cute characters. But don't go on its name. Smiley is a horrifying character in the movie, a serial killer having carved a mere 'smiley' on his face. If you are fan of watching movies with horror genre then this is going to be your best cup of tea. Watch movie online free without downloading and live up the mystery and hidden suspense.

The script of the movie is a razor sharp which will leave you stimulated. It has all ingredients to grab ones attention and deeply involve audiences with its thought-provoking scenes. The must watch is going to be a landmark and a blockbuster on the Hollywood cinema.
Watch Smiley Movie Online For Free Smiley is a psychological slasher film directed and scripted by Michael Gallagher and made by Level 10 Films. Glasgow
Phillips has also given his contribution in writing the script for the movie.


The star cast playing the lead roles are none other than Caitlin Gerard, Melanie Papalia, Shane Dawson, Andrew James Allen, and Liza Weil.The official site of the movie can also be surfed through to get more details about the film.The story involves Ashley, a mentally fragile teen learns that an urban legend named Smiley has a blank face with a mere wired smiley craved by himself on his face is a serious killer. Ashley is shaking with his terror and finds herself going insane with the fear of being smiley's next victim.So if you want to reveal the real suspense behind the smile then watch and download Smiley movie online on
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